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Best Insurance Healty Sistem


Before you compare medical insurance suppliers, it is important to check the following details:


There are usually two types of policies:


  1. A) moratorium underwriting, which will not cover you for any preexisting illnesses or some other health issues you’ve had in the past five decades. But if you experience no symptoms, seek no medical advice and have no medication or treatment for these preexisting conditions they may get insured again in the future. This period will be two years symptom, advice, treatment and medication free.


B ) complete medical underwriting, where you complete a health questionnaire and the insurance company will provide you a definitive answer as to what is covered before your coverage starts.


Most insurance companies will only pay you for new conditions, and remedies which may be administered over the short term. Because of this, long-term illnesses or normal care over an extended period such as for a standard pregnancy or cosmetic treatments are less likely to be covered.


Should you have some particular areas of concern with respect to your future wellbeing, then consult the insurer whether you will be insured for them and to what level.


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